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Artist Advancing & Tour Management

Hospitality & Logistics Management



Stage & Backstage Management

Working with international artists could put you in a spot, but we are well advanced for such situations which were proven after we successfully managed over a hundred artists for Supersonic Festival, Goa 2015. We were in association with artists like Disclosure, Axwell, W&W, Zedd and many more. Alongside artist management, we contributed to the hospitality and logistics for the same.

While on their India Tour, artists such as, Alan Walker, Krewella, Axwell ^ Ingrosso & Salvatore Ganacci were provided with top-class management, which was up to the mark, done by our team at Cadre. It was the inspiring team that managed the logistics and hospitality with determination and teamwork, across Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune during their tour.

From hospitality to logistics our team effortlessly handled the backstage for an International EDM franchise sensation; Rise’s Hyderabad – 2018 Edition. Artist Management was at its best as our team tended to their logistic and hospitality needs, as well as the ID&T crew, which was catered to the right from the stage set up to its dismantling after the show in Hyderabad.

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