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Project Staffing

Do you have a short term project that needs staff that is ready to hit the ground running?
We staff any project from a one week to a three-month duration. Cadre offers on ground as well as remote staffing. Once you hand us the requirement, our team, interviews, vets and matches your requirement with trained and qualified young professionals. Get in touch to staff your project today.

Temporary Staffing

Hire young professionals with the necessary skills for short term contracts without the hassle of onboarding.  We match you with flexible, committed staff for various roles including data entry, telecalling, front office staff, virtual assistants. We handle shortlisting, interviewing, contracts, payments, onboarding and training of staff for you. Temporary staff can help fill in your urgent requirements and speed up your business. Contact us to find matches for your staffing requirements.

Why You Should Hire Temporary Staff?

Cost Effective

Save time and resources by making key hires that soar your growth rate while keeping your costs low. 

Specialised Hires

Get trained staff with necessary skills to perform temporary tasks.

No Hassles

Eliminate the hassles of onboarding full-time employees

Fulfill Urgent  Needs

Delegate microtasks to make your organisation more efficient. Get staff to fill in for employees on leave. 

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